Our Services

Excel’s core business is the provision of certificated bailiff services.  Our core clients are local authorities and Government departments.

Our method of service delivery ensures that:

  • our recovery processes will not cause undue hardship to debtors
  • our operations distinguish between debtors with genuine financial difficulties and debtors who have acted willfully in not paying
  • we protect third parties and their possessions from the effects of enforcement.

The principles which drive the company and uphold it as a reputable enforcement agency can be summarised as:

  • Treating debtors fairly, with respect and courtesy
  • Acting without favour or discrimination of any kind – paying particular attention to diversity, cultural and religious considerations
  • Delivering services in an open and transparent manner
  • Accepting responsibility for everything we do or cause to be done

For our service delivery in Wales, we provide a comprehensive bilingual service in accordance with the Welsh Language Act 1993.  Excel has been commended by the Welsh Language Board as a flagship for bilingualism in the private sector.

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