Parking Penalties

We offer a full range of parking and traffic penalty recovery services.  Our services include enforcement of parking penalty notices, and recovery of penalties relating to traffic offenses including bus lane fines, box junctions and other traffic management fines and their recovery.

The action we take is to contact the debtor fully explaining the details of the penalty and offering the opportunity to make a payment. If payment is made that is the end of the matter.

If the matter is not resolved and the debt remains outstanding, we will look to put a payment arrangement in place or recover the debt using alternative means on your behalf.

Recovering debt

We lead a professional team of enforcement agents to recover parking penalties. We have a holistic approach that includes robust tracing, surveillance and investigation processes to help recover more for you.

We have a comprehensive case management system for our parking penalties enabling our clients to keep up to date with their cases.

How we recover more

We utilise all tracing capabilities, this includes social media, ANPR equipped vans, access to credit referencing agencies and the DVLA database.

We are persistent and professional in our approach to enforcement, directly employing our agents gives us more control over their actions meaning that they are held fully accountable.

We offer a service to re-cycle penalties that have been returned to authorities as unenforceable.

Keeping up to date with legislation

As a professional organization we keep ourselves and our employees informed of any changes to legislation, we’re also members of relevant organisations such as CIVEA and the British Parking Association.

Training and development for our agents

We employ over 200 permanent members of staff, this includes a contact Centre, client services team and enforcement agents out on the road.

All our enforcement agents are employed directly by us and fully vetted to Ministry of Justice standards. Our agents undergo a full training program that includes a level 2 qualification in Taking Control of Goods. We include vulnerability awareness and how to deal with vulnerable debtors as part of our induction program for all staff. 

How to instruct us to act on your behalf

To find out how we can work in partnership with you to improve your recovery rates, streamline your debt recovery processes and highlight the areas where we can improve on the current methods you are using contact

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